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Sat August 27th and Sun August 28th 2022
Halls Gap - Grampians/Gariwerd - Vic

PLEASE NOTE: Entry to the 65km, 36km and 20km events requires you to have demonstrated a certain level of endurance running achievement.  See the FAQs/Info section of the website for details.
Feel enveloped by the landscape.  Behold great vistas. Experience suffering and joy like never before.

Sunday 6am  65km Run. At 5am buses set out to Beehive Falls car park, Roses Gap for 6am start. Run back to town along the Mount Difficult range and flow into the 36km course.
Age limit:18+

Sunday 8am 36km Run. Set out with the 20kers, but get the magic of Mount Rosea too. 
Age limit:18+

Full Impact 20 km run on the Sunday 7am.
See major icons such as the Elephant's Hide, Grand Canyon, The Pinnacle and descend around Sundial Peak.
Look at the elevation profile if you think this is just another half marathon effort.  Age limit:18+

Flatter, shorter option at 2pm Saturday. Mixture of trail and path. Gives you time to drive out, get set up and get a run in. Open to all ages.

Flat-ish, shortest option at 1pm Saturday. Open to all ages. Prizes for kids. (Adults, please don't win it.)

For all the latest, send us an email to receive updates. But for the best banter and reports from other runners join the facebook group.

Wonderland 2017 from BytheBay on Vimeo.


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